Open Team Fun WOD 17.6 and Recap of the 2017 CrossFit Open

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Open Team Fun WOD 17.6 and Recap of the 2017 CrossFit Open

It is done! – We survived it! – Oh, no: It is over! What will I do with my life?!? … whatever your emotions of these CrossFit Open, I totally get you.

The last six weeks we have been about staying up late at night or excitedly awaiting Friday morning’s announcement of the workout… or trying to get your favorite heat spot on Super Saturday – always excited but also a bit nervous about the new challenge every week.
The last six weeks were also full of various other emotions. We complained about the dumbbells (two times in a row!), we hated the Squat Snatches, we chatted with our teammates about dressing up in hero capes, monkey ears, Godzilla suits and Disney masks… we feared the workout, we made it through them – and maybe even cried a bit.

We hoped it to be over, at the same time we dreaded the “Games” to be over… But we made it. And we all got better.

Better at challenging workouts we only had one shot to do.17157707_960977850705768_5748805537252915940_o

Better at pull-ups, snatches, muscle-ups, double unders…

Better at dressing up. 😀

Better at cheering…

…and just better training mates and humans.

No matter if you did one, two, four or all six workouts… We salute you! You’ve poured your heart into every minute you were on the clock or the other athletes were under the barbell.

Thank you!

Thank you also to all the Coaches and helpers that made this possible. They put in A LOT of extra hours and extra heart so that you all could do the WODs “as prescribed”, measuring, explaining, doing an extra heat or extending the timecap. The Open is always a very stressful time of the year – so I and my team are a bit happy that it is over, but we will also miss a bit of the extra #OpenMagic – seeing you realize some of the potential we saw in you the first day you set foot in our box. So well done!

You all crushed it! – May all the ducktape we used rest in peace.

Before we get into the details… here is where YOU go from here. Set your goals with a Coach!

Before you read on: Make sure to schedule your individual goal setting session with a Coach (15min) EVEN BETTER: Come to our goal setting seminars this Saturday!

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Without further ado, here is the report on…

The big final 17.6 was held in CrossFit Meilen last Saturday

The sun was out, the guns and beers too… and the WodZillas and Snatch Monkeys marched in! Then Samy kicked off the games in a legit Dave Castro-style announcement! We had 4 games and a grand finale to play:

  • Medball Boccia
  • Beer Pong
  • Target Frisbee
  • Best Team picture contest









The teams rotated through the four stations and the games began – laughing, competing, cheering…

After the four disciplines the teams had collected the following points:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-03 um 19.32.30


The WODHeroes – 15 point picture


The WodZillas – 20 point picture


The Snatch Monkeys – 20 point picture


Booty and the Beast – 15 point picture

The grand finale was then to be 10 races with..

…Bobby cars!!!







The teams gave everything to win the bobby car races – no prisoners! (And luckily no injuries 😀 )

Here the Booty & the Beast as well as WOD Heroes each collected another 26 points for the team, the Snatch Monkeys got 25 and the WodZillas 23 points.


The Team Spirit award was a very hard call that day – the WodZillas had a huge entry… but the time and efforts going into all those monkey faces, bananas and banner were what won the Snatch Monkeys the additional 5 points for that day.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-03 um 19.51.45

The total final standing then had the WodZillas defending the title, with team captain Stefan securing the trophy for the second year in a row!

Congratulations!! – The rest of the evening was spent with the second most favorite thing of any CrossFitter after Wodding… eating and drinking. And we do hear that the party went on into the city afterwards…


…but if last year has tought us anything then that “what happens at Mascotte, stays at Mascotte”. 😀

Thanks for a wonderful six weeks, family! #6weeks4teams3boxes1family

We can’t wait to hit the next wod with you!

(And don’t forget to schedule your goal review!!)

Truly yours, Linda


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